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What does it take to become a filmmaker? No doubt it’s a variety of prodigious attributes, but passion has to be the common denominator amongst the greats. How else could Steven Spielberg ever have pulled off Schindler’s List or ET or any of the other blockbuster films he’s delivered without passion for his craft? How could Alfred Hitchcock have given Psycho to a nail biting audience if he wasn’t 100% passionate about the delivery? Could not have happened.

One of my personal favorites was the light hearted Planes, Trains and Automobiles shot in 1987. My uncle’s 24 hour tow service Toledo Ohio was even called in for a few days to manage traffic violators during the shoot. It was a fairly large production for it’s day but apparently, the director, John Hughes was not always as light hearted as the film itself. It must take intense focus and a firm sense of direction, even when working with a comedy to pull off a number one box office hit.

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