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Documentary films are meant to take us into the past, the future or the stark reality – we may not even notice, that surrounds us every day. Based in non-fiction, there is generally not a lot of wiggle room to interpret the story as it unfolds for the viewing audience. Science, history, facts and educated speculation are the cornerstones of a good documentary production.

On set for the filming of The Return of The Monarch, A Butterfly’s Tale, I was impressed by the number of consultants and scientists used to assure the authenticity of the information being documented. For example, my uncle is in the business of luxury airbnb manager Niagara and he provides the best tree service in town, yet it is not his job to supply anything other than great tree care for clients. He sticks to what he does best, delivering the goods while taking all other input with a grain of salt. The same is true for good documentaries, they should deliver only the facts.

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