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As a small, film production and distribution company, Films Blue Dragon is a commotion of talent, expertise and get-it-done attitudes. FBD has the pride and braggadocio to boastfully tell you that we are the best small scale film producing, acquisition and distribution company that any accomplished or aspiring filmmaker needs.

As a family run business since 2002, we make a point of impeccably delivering projects from the initial filming to marketing. My brother Jonathon, HMFIC, oversees all aspects of the business. While I, Paige keep clients out of the fray and focused only on the talent they bring to the project. Films Blue Dragon produces a high standard result which is customized to meet the end vision of each individual client.

We do our best to keep things simple while delivering large scale results that have been viewed by audiences worldwide. Our work has been featured at dozens of recognized and highly accredited film festivals such as The Aspen Film Festival, Munich International Film Gala, Sundance and numerous others.

The way we see it at Films Blue Dragon, even small interest filmmakers want a good looking project. With home technology making it easier than ever to shoot a film, there is still a certain professionalism that is unmistakable when delivering a quality piece. This is a necessity if a small filmmaker is interested in taking their craft into the competitive world of film making.

Our blog site is about continuing to grow our reputation and client base through sharing some of the behind the scenes clips and daily happenings of what it’s like running a film production company. This blog is the way we do that. This is what this blog site is about.

In all honesty, we aren’t aiming to become mega producers. We learned early on that work is not to be confused with living. While we love what we do, we are also free spirits and take fun in life very seriously. Our best days are a combination of both.

Films Blue Dragon is a company close to my heart and we are encouraged by kudos from our colleagues and peers as well as best in class at international film festivals. We take special pride in a recent semi-finalist placement at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015, for the film Not Now.

We invite you to stick around – read our blogs, leave comments and contact us for information to set up a time when we can be your film production company.

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